Pro Portable Massage Gun

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This Massage Gun is a professional-grade tool for advanced percussive therapy and deep muscle treatment and recovery. This latest model is powered by a uniquely insulated QX150 motor — able to deliver up to 60 LBS of no-stall-force while still producing 55% less noise than the previous generation; about on par with a standard electric toothbrush.

With an amplitude of 16mm, the PRO is calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle (at 40 times per second) than the average electronic massager, and it now offers twice the battery life. 

All orders also come standard with (6) closed-cell foam attachments:

Supersoft - vibration therapy for sensitive areas, including bones
Dampener - for tender areas or near bones
Standard Ball - for overall use
Wedge - for shoulder blades and IT bands
Thumb - for lower back and trigger point therapy
Cone - for pinpoint muscle treatment

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